Specialized hardware repairs

Pars Technology Sadad Company has years of experience in the field of specialized repair of all types of equipment and hardware in the banking sector and office equipment. The hardware unit of the company has provided a wide range of services regarding the repair of all types of electronic equipment and products to the customers of this company and is always trying to provide the best services to its customers in the shortest possible time. The use of expert people and highly specialized tools and the use of high-quality parts have satisfied the customers of this company.

Pars company services include repair:

  • Types of dot matrix printers including Olivetti, Epson, Tally brands
  • All kinds of laser printers including Brother, Hp, Samsung, Canon brands
  • Evolis, Hiti, Smart, Fargo brand card issuing machines
  • All-in-one devices, PC, Thin Client, Laptop, Tablet
  • All kinds of UPS devices up to 20KVA of Fotrusi, Hyundi, Setnik, Porsoo, Faratel, Power system, AEC brands
  • Types of theft notification and video surveillance system equipment
  • All types of network equipment including switches, routers and POE
  • Types of queuing systems

Supply of parts and equipment

  • Attending tenders and inquiries of Bank Melli Iran and other banks, organizations and financial institutions
  • Sales in Iran headquarters system
  • Selling all kinds of parts and equipment related to the company's activities
  • Application of support contract with banks and government organizations
  • Signing the relevant cooperation agreement for supervision and outsourcing