Card issuing laser printer

The new generation of Anycard printers using laser technology

  • Not using printing consumables
  • Long lasting card printing
  • It has a software interface to communicate with various card systems
  • Modular design for easier maintenance
  • Very low power consumption, less than 100 watts
  • The possibility of changing printing parameters with high flexibility depending on the customer's opinion

Advantages of the new generation of instant card printers

  • ISO14443A/B standard support for contactless cards
  • Support for ISO7816 T0,1 standard for contact cards
  • Small dimensions compared to foreign samples
  • High speed printing
  • Equipped with software with an easy-to-use interface
  • Encrypted sending and receiving on the network platform

Unique specifications of the new generation of Any Card laser printers

  • Card printing with anti-counterfeiting capability
  • The ability to print a prominent logo
  • Card personalization without any printing consumables
  • Not erasing information from the card over time
  • It has ATM modules for ease of support