Queue system

The new generation of intelligent queuing

  • Providing intelligent queuing services
  • Providing banking services in absentia
  • Providing online and flexible management reports
  • Using the new generation survey system
  • Integrated management of the system by the center
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Creating the possibility of healthy competition between the managers of the booths

Online version

  • Searching for the quietest queue in the nearest branch according to the customer's location
  • The possibility of taking an appointment online according to the requested service
  • Ability to send comments and suggestions
  • View banking rules and regulations
  • Submit the required documents

Management portal

  • Ability to view branches and existing status
  • The possibility of preparing various reports
  • Ability to view various charts
  • View and perform branch settings

Branches reports

  • Staff reports
  • Reports on the functioning of the ticket offices
  • Appointment reports
  • Reports on the functioning of the ticket offices
  • The performance report of the ranks
  • Survey reports
  • Special customer report

Pars company survey panel

  • A tool to evaluate the performance of the cashier (delivery person)
  • Communication via USB
  • with touch keys (less wear and tear)
  • Thickness and light weight with the ability to connect to the table or glass
  • All stages of design and production within the company
  • Has interface software