Network Security And Monitoring

Network and security

  • Assessing needs and providing a plan for installing and operating security equipment (hardware/software) according to the requirements of organizations and departments
  • Monitoring and analyzing traffic, identifying threats and risky behaviors, applying security policies, providing periodic reports
  • Examining the current status of the active network of departments and organizations, providing solutions for improvement and development, implementing development plans and modifying the network structure
  • Implementation of Microsoft Exchange corporate email service


  • Implementation and management of Active Directory, SCCM, NAC services according to the requirements of organizations
  • Providing monitoring and management services for LAN and WAN networks
  • Identifying incidents, registering tickets, following up on solving problems and providing periodic reports based on ITIL processes

Passive network

  • Creating a structured network infrastructure based on the TIA-568 standard in organizations and offices
  • Implementation of optical fiber fusion projects and network infrastructure performance test (Fluke)
  • Implementation of data centers network infrastructure development and modification projects based on TIA-942 standard