Pars Technology Sadad Company is a leader in the field of research, design, construction and implementation of photovoltaic solar systems and has the intellectual property of a patent in the field of solar energy use (SBU). The design team of the renewable energy management unit of Pars Technology Sadad Company, by using reliable references and standards and continuously updating knowledge and creating innovation and benefiting from the results of its research goals, tries to find the most reliable and cost-effective production solutions. Provide electricity from solar energy. It is necessary to remember that most of the equipment used is domestically produced, and this has led to confidence in the production, reduction of the final price of the product, and ease of support, and all the equipment has a valid warranty, and all the foundation and installation operations are carried out. It can be set up by this company.

This product has a patent certificate


Products of Pars Technology Sadad Company in the field of solar energy:

  • Product (SBU)
  • Product (SBS)
  • On-grid power plant
  • Off-grid power plant
  • Solar poles

What is an SBU?

In order to align with the country's strategies to move towards renewable energies and green banking, Pars Technology Sadad Company decided to use solar energy under the title of SBU project in order to reduce electricity consumption in the country's bank branches and increase battery life. UPS and prevention of power outages of branch and central office equipment. For this purpose, SBU Photovoltaic systems of Pars company, as a power plant for providing consumed electricity through solar panels, have been designed in such a way that by using the facilities and infrastructure of bank branches with the least cost and with high reliability, it leads to the reduction of consumed energy costs. And also the stability of electric energy in order to maintain the computer equipment and data of branches. This system is designed according to the customer's request and based on the type of UPS available in branches with different powers, and by installing photovoltaic panels and SBU device designed by Pars Technology Sadad Company, it is possible to use solar energy on the line to feed the existing load. Provides UPS output. The mentioned system can be used in administrative and commercial buildings, especially bank branches, etc., which have a primary UPS platform and an internal distribution network. In this plan, due to the use of the client's assets (for example, bank branches that have UPS equipment, batteries, and switchboards), the implementation cost is reduced to a third, and with the technical solutions provided by Pars experts, the capital return is less than It's been three years and the designers of this company prevent unnecessary costs from being imposed on the customer by choosing the most appropriate panels and accessories.


This system, device and process of online use of solar energy to provide the electricity needed by the equipment in the line-interactive UPS line, and according to the needs of the consumer, it is used in two generator and power plant modes. This product is offered to the market under the brand name 'SBU-PA 1 Smart Solar Electric Generator'.

SBU working modes:

Generator mode

Power plant mode

Technical specifications of the system

  • Production power up to 6 KVA
  • Used for line interactive UPS with input DC voltage V48
  • It has an intelligent controllable system with simple operation
  • Charging the UPS batteries through the solar panel and reducing the loss of electrical energy when charging the batteries
  • Has a protection board

Application of SBU system:

  • It is used in all offices, organizations, organizations and bank branches that have the basic infrastructure including UPS and battery to access safe and stable electricity.
  • The SBU system of Pars Sadad Technology Company is a guarantee of safe, reliable electricity for your organization's sensitive and computer equipment


The solar inverter (SUNVERTER), which is also known as charging inverter, is a combination of inverter, battery charger and a transfer switch to the solar system. The most application of this device is for solar systems to reduce costs and higher efficiency with less energy loss.

The main advantage of this system is that they provide continuous operation of critical loads regardless of presence or network conditions. The inverter/charger includes an automatic transfer switch, so that when your solar inverter detects another source of AC power, it transfers the system from the inverter to charging the solar system battery; And if the external source of AC power is cut off, the system will be transferred from the battery to the inverter again.


Inverter with full sine output with the ability to prioritize the use of solar cells or city electricity, compact size, can be installed on the wall with high IP protection

Features and capabilities

  • Inverter with full sine output with the ability to prioritize the use of solar cells or city electricity
  • Compact size, can be installed on the wall with high IP protection
  • It has a very powerful 50 amp charger
  • Ability to operate as an inverter or UPS
  • Ability to feed from city electricity, battery or solar cell
  • Suitable for working with heavy batteries
  • Can be used for computers, network equipment and closed circuit cameras
  • Ability to automatically charge the battery when connected to the city electricity
  • With overcurrent protection
  • Protection against input and output overvoltage
  • It has a protection board against reverse battery connection
  • It has a complete sinusoidal voltage waveform with a frequency of 50 Hz when running on battery
  • Use of battery in case of city electricity outage
  • Equipped with an LCD screen and a variety of settings to prioritize the use of input, how the device works, etc.
  • Using a microcontroller to control the operation of the device
  • It has light indicators to notify the working status of the device on battery and city electricity
  • Equipped with a three-level switching charger and using the charger in float mode to increase the life of the batteries
  • Equipped with a smart fan with remote control to reduce energy consumption
  • It has an audio alarm to announce a power cut
  • Possibility to choose two UPS modes for sensitive loads and Inverter for non-sensitive loads