Customer services

Our 24-hour call center service

In 2001, it was first established as a bridge between branches of the Bank Melli Iran and this company as the bank's informatics arm to solve the problems of the banking systems inside the branch, and then with the expansion of support duties, from September 2011 with the phone numbers +982183376 and +982183386 And with 24x7 activity (24 hours seven days a week), the front line of providing information and services and responding to millions of customers of Bank Melli Iran, 3100 branches of Bank Melli Iran and 35 departments and central offices of Bank Melli Iran and the provincial centers of the company's information technology services Pars technology is Sadad.


24/7 call center of this company using

  • Expert experts in the field of information technology and banking
  • Advanced call center management system with the ability to record call records and track requests
  • Intelligent customer survey system
  • Comprehensive ticketing and monitoring system
  • Smart communication tools
  • And...

It can provide all support services as soon as possible and with the highest quality, independently and on a national scale.

Activities of this center include:

  • Answering the questions of real, legal and institutional customers regarding all electronic services received from the bank and providing step-by-step user guides.
  • Responding to all Melli bank units including branches, affairs offices and central offices regarding the use and solving problems of the Siba delivery system, facilities, checks, bank cards, currency system and other banking systems.
  • Receiving suggestions and criticisms from customers, transferring feedback to relevant units and trying to increase their satisfaction
  • Responding to correspondence as soon as possible and following up on customer problems
  • Cooperation with the Police of the Information Production and Exchange Space (FATA) and related bodies to investigate and extract information related to complaints and bank abuses.
  • Continuous monitoring and supervision of the operation of Melli Bank's ATMs and notification of device failures